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About IAMM

I Am Managing was birthed through a message using Romans 14:12: “So mind your own business. You’ve got your hands full just taking care of your own life before God”.

I am managing me is a community of women that are serious about managing themselves (me) intentionally.  Managing Me by not judging. Managing Me and not blaming. Simply effectively Managing Me and not allowing Me to get away with ineffectively dealing with me, myself and I!


Managing Me is simply taking responsibility for yourself, and your actions in order to effectively walk into your purpose.  By truly examining, discovering, and implementing effective thought processes, behaviors and self-awareness you will begin to gain new insight on how to master managing me (you)!  We must actively begin to effectively manage ourselves (Me), through the eyes of Christ.  He is a great example and the best road map to follow.


The Three Pillars of Focus used in I Am Managing me are:

  1. Alignment- pausing to ask God to search our hearts, our thoughts, and our intentions.

  2. Direction- pausing to ask God to direct us in His predestined path for our lives.  Allowing our thoughts to be established, our footsteps be sure, and our direction be unobstructed.

  3. Commitment – petitioning God for strength to live out relational covenant with Him, seeking Him daily, and serving Him fully with singleness of heart.

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